Kuva: Nimekirjana / Võrgustikuna
4.75T seekliga
Tootekood: SB29312B
84,00 €
Rugged nylon strap can be used to extend range and to protect tree trunk when being used as stable anchoring point. The strap has built in blue lines that appear over time indicating that the strap is no longer safe to use, & needs to be replaced. 3” X 15’ (76mm x 4572mm) in dimension, 24,000 (10866kg) pound rating.
Tootekood: 19-50041
64,00 €
Blue Pin
Tootekood: 2T
5,00 €
Blue Pin
Tootekood: 3.25T
7,00 €
Blue Pin 3/4" (19,05mm)
Tootekood: 04.721338B
11,00 €