Hi-Lift 4XRAC

Tootekood: 4X400
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The Hi-Lift 4XRAC is designed for serious off-roaders who are looking for an easy, inexpensive way to stow their Hi-Lift Jack in a convenient, secure location.

1/8" steel construction holds up under the strain of off-road travel A padlock can be placed through a hole in the carriage bolt. All mounting hardware and instructions are included (some drilling required). Mounting brackets are slotted for adjustment. Velcro handle strap secures handle to jack bar.

4XRAC Features:
Each kit contains 2 mounting brackets, 2 mounting bracket caps, a Velcro strap for securing the Hi-Lift's handle and all necessary mounting hardware.

Hi-Lift 4XRAC

Sarnased tooted
The rugged polyurethane Handle-Keeper holds the Hi-Lift® handle to the upright steel bar, keeping it in place when not in use and eliminating "rattling" during transportation and storage.
Tootekood: HK-B
19,00 €

Installation is simple. It can be mounted horizontally or vertically, with or without a Jack Protector. Your Hi-Lift Jack is mounted in an easy to reach location and is locked to deter theft. Designed to fit the bedrail of most pickups.

Each kit contains 2 mounting brackets, a padlock, and all necessary mounting hardware.

Tootekood: LR-200
56,00 €

Hi Lift lisatarvikud koos kandekotiga. Komplekt sisaldab:
1 - Pingutuskett
1 - Vintsimiskett
1 - Seekel
1 - 2.4m puukaitsevöö
1 - Paar Hi-Lift kindaid

Tootekood: ORK ,   Tarneaeg: 3 nädalat
209,00 €

Taasta oma Hi-Lift tungraua toimivus. Komplektis on: 2 sõrme, 2 sõrmevedru, 2 stopper sõrme, 1 polt ja mutter ning 1 tuub Hi-Lift määret.

Tootekood: FK-1
33,00 €

Tõstejõud: 5000 lbs. (2273 kg)
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Tootekood: LM-100
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