Dragon kaablite kiirliide

Tootekood: DW-connector
Kaubamärk: Dragon Winch
Ühik: tk
24,00 €

Sobib vintsi kaablite vahele ja talub suuri koormusi. Võimaldab vintsi kerge vaevaga juhtmete küljest lahti ühendada. Sobilik mobiilsetele vintsidele.

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Seal DS-9.5 12V

Tootekood: Seal DS-9.5 12V
825,00 €

For truck mounted winches. With MileMarker's Winch Wireless Remote Control, you will save steps - and protect yourself from accidents. Stand at a protected position which is more than 10-12 feet from the winch. When you are ready to winch, simply aim the remote unit on your key chain back to the cab-mounted receiver and winching begins from any safe location. Special safety features make certain the unit can not be operated accidentally.

Tootekood: 7075
65,00 €
Kate autovintsile 6000 - 13000
Tootekood: DWMcover
24,00 €

10 Tonni veoblok, määritav.

Tootekood: Dragon10T
29,00 €

Sünteetilise köiega

Tootekood: 293220
999,00 €